Artist statement
My art is characterized by the search for tension between dreamlike and materiality. I explore the impact of contemporary media on the individual, the body, and society in general, and the psychic mechanisms at work in the process of trauma. Although photography is my preferred medium, I increasingly resort to collage, video, and digital manipulation. Automatism and chance play a fundamental role in my creative process, giving space to an essential form of abstraction. Likewise, the flaws, the blur, and the grain allows the receiver of my work to transcend it and make it tell their own story. Initially inspired by the work of Man Ray, Dora Maar, Sarah Moon, and Léonor Fini, I am also influenced by the cinema of David Lynch and Andrei Tarkovski. Thus, movement and kinematic composition have taken a considerable place in my work.
Biography (written by Studio Shamah
Tel Aviv-based artist and photographer Myriam Cohenca, works with art inspired by art therapy, exploring the toxicity of contemporary media and the sociological effects it has on both the individual and society at large. Tackling mixed-media and collage as an integrated platform for self-portraiture and more, Cohenca is quite clearly one of the most innovative and creative artists in the Israeli cultural topography today. Memento Analysis is available to take on a variety of commissions such as but not limited to, photography sessions and portraiture, branding and logo design, and more. 

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